- A gathering of acrobats from all over the world
- to promote, practise and perform the fine art of acrobatics

Welcome to the

This site is meant to inform you of all that goes around within the yearly convention that is held during the summer since 2008.
This years festival was held in Croatia in june 2017, It was wonderfull, we all enjoyed it!
Some pictures are here: PHOTOS from last year.
The 2018 Convention is in Ireland, at an old Estate in Dundalk near Dublin called Bellurgan; Juli 23 to the 28th.of Juli 2018.
For more information click on 'IAC Ireland 2018'.
All past conventions were a great succes.
For more retrospect click on 'History'.


The purpose of the festival is to help the sport of acrobatics spread throughout the world.
The way we do this is by holding a convention every year for all acrobats; beginners to advanced.
We are open to allround acrobats as well as freetime acrobats, hand-to-hand, aerial, acro-yoga and other variations of the theme.
We started in Croatia, and went via France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Hungary to Finland last year.
We are moving the festival from country to country every year in an attempt to make sure every acrobat on this globe gets to have a change to participate at least once in a lifetime without having to travel half the world.
Of course it's also nice to go to unknown places that are touristic or otherwise interesting to make a longer stay possible.
Meanwhile we hope our influence on the local acrobatic-scene(s) is big enough to make a prolongation possible for a local festival, so we can move on to another country or region. <...>

See you there soon!