The International
Acrobatics Convention
22th-29th July 2019

Top Teachers

We make sure to give you the best, we teach Acrobatics, Acro-yoga and Dance-acrobatics.

Great Workshops

We offer a minimum of 30 hours of workshops, that gives you a great advantage on every level.

This Years Convention
will take place in the Netherlands

In the same gym we had fun in 2016.

This year we are
offering you this:

Look at what you'll get as a participant.

Training Space

A well equiped gym, a floor covered with mats, a spartan place to sleep, three meals a day, a minimum of 6 hours of workshop per workshopday, chill out at the bar or in the couch.

Trainers (provisional)

  • Noël Spauwen The writer of the book: 'Acrobatic elements and connections'
  • Klaus Borkens Dance acrobatics
  • Hugo Hanssen Yes that's me!
  • Three meels a day

    Our new imported cook will take care of your internal needs. The food will be vegetarian, please communicate other dietary needs beforehand.

    Sleeping Space

    There's a few options of staying overnight. You can sleep in a common space at the gym (bring your own gear), park your camper, take a RBNB or a hotel(both not included).

    Expert Mentors

    Our teachers and other experienced acrobats will be available for questioning, hint and tips and to play with.

    Live Supports

    We will support you to stay alive by good spotting and teaching you all the skills you need to do that,
    but for the other meaning of the word: Click here to go to the contact form and ask us what you don't know or can't find or anything else you want to tell or propose to us.

    Registration Features That
    Can Avail By Everyone

    These are some of the options if you want to register.