About Us

Who are the people behind the IAC

Well,.. you and;

  1. The people behind the first IAC, in Kroatia 2008, were Kiki and Iva from Triko Cirkus Teatar, thanks a lot to them for starting everything!

  2. The conventions of 2009/2010 in France were organised by Thorsten and Jasper,
  3. they did this twice, and are still doing this under a different festivalname.

  4. The convention in Sweden 2011 was put up by Hans, Niklas and Anton and they did a great job!

  5. A truly amazing feat was performed by Martin and Dion in organising the Danish convention in 2012, such luxury! And they to kept their yearly convention after this.

  6. In 2013 Hugo organised the convention in Italy, at the Accademia Acrobatica.

  7. For 2014 Noel and Hugo managed to save the year by organising a small but very nice convention in Hungary.

  8. The 2015 organisation goes to Finland by the people of the Circus school of Jyvaskyla. And although there is none this year because they had to move out of their gym, they promised there'll be an other one in 2018 and following years.

  9. In 2016 Hugo organised the convention again, this time in the Netherlands. Pretty succesfull if I may say so :-)

  10. The 10th edition in 2017 in Croatia under auspicion of Hugo, Iva and her team, like the first year when she started the IAC.

  11. In 2018 Nicola organises the convention in Ireland near Dublin.

  12. In 2019 The 12th edition has choosen Hugo's homeground again because finding a good venue and unique location is getting harder now festivals pop up almost everywhere.

  13. Since 2013 Hugo has lead the organisation of the IAC in the background.
    We are aiming for a more structural organisation to pass on experience, finances and other reoccuring dreams.
    We are seriously looking for someone to raise funding on provision. Contact us!
    We'll keep you posted.