- A gathering of acrobats from all over the world
- to promote, practise and perform the fine art of acrobatics

History of the IAC

The 8th, 2015 Convention was held in Finland, at the Circus school of Jyväskylä. From 13 'till 19th of juli.

Here you can find info on the earlier editions of our yearly convention since 2008.

What info?

This is mainly copies of the old websites giving information on these festivals, some of the links may apear broken and in no way is this information complete. For pictures and video's look Here

1 Croatia 2008 2 France 2009 3 France 2010 4 Sweden 2011 5 Denmark 2012 6 Italy 2013 7 Hungary 2014 8 Finland 2015 9 Netherlands 2016