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IAC, International Acrobatics Convention

13th - 19th of July in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Summer in Jyväskylä is warm +15°C to +32°C
Welcome to Circus school of Jyväskylä for one week intensive training of partner-acrobatics or acrobalance and more!
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Jyväskylä, Finland. Picture: Suomen ilmakuva Oy

Participants will be lead by

Inspired and skillful international teachers.

You can find them here:

During the week you can attend to 19 different workshops (40 hours).
We have groups and workshops for everybody from beginners to professionals.
You will train and have fun in great international company.
You don´t need own partner. But if you have you can come together.
Under 18, but over 12 years olds can attend to workshops with guardians.
(we are looking for a possibility to arrange some programme for under 12 year old kids, if you are going to bring one, please contact us first)

Bart and Kirsty doing hand to hand.

Noëls workshop.

Hugo's workshop.


To sign up/register for the IAC 2015 course, click here to register!.
You can pay with paypal, credit cards or wire transfer (in EU). Pay the course during or straight after the registration.

We are happy to announce that the earlier you sign up the more discount you get:
there are two sets of early bird prices.
This means you should register right away!
Participants from 12 to 17 year old will get 20 EUR discount..

Food is not included in the price but cheap eattogether lunch/dinner will be organized near the gym.

If you for any reason would have cancel your registration before June 2015 we will return 80% and after that 50% refund. When course has started there is no refund. (except for a very good reason proven by Doctor´s certificate etc.)


The IAC 2015 course is held during 13th - 19th of July.
For a participant there will be two 2,5 hour acro workshops a day, that consist of hand to hand acrobatics, acrobalance, acroyoga type of stuff etc.
In addition to this there will be one 1,5 hour voluntary workshop a day, that consists of supporting arts, such as handstand, conditioning, parkour etc…
Exception: thursday 16th is a rest day with a physically lighter program.
That day is meant to be spent relaxing. There will be two different shorter workshops and in great company playing acro on beach or exploring the city or any own initiative.

The week begins 13th of July 2015 at 8:30., Location: Pasila - Center of Creative Movement (Ahjokatu 8, Jyväskylä, Finland.)

Workshops during the IAC for one participant:
Workshops Hours
Hand to hand/acrobalance-workshops 12 30
Conditioning, Handstand and other workshops 7 10
All together 19 40


The IAC 2015 is for everybody (12-18 years olds with guardians) interested in acrobatics!
We ask you to estimate your general Partner-Acro level based on years of experience in registration form.
To ensure safety and most beneficial content of workshops for everybody, we will test your skill levels and move you to right group before every workshop.
Click here to register now!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us:
Course director
Saila Salminen,
Saila.Salminen (ät)

Pasila - Center of Creative Movement, home of Jyväskylä Circus School and Parkour Academy
Ahjokatu 8, Jyväskylä, Finland, Europe, Earth, Andromedas galaxy

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