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2nd International acrobatics festival
By Acrobatics
July 14, 2009 at 6:00pm until July 21, 2009 at 9:00pm
*International exchange and free training, as well as workshops with international artists, mostly on partner-acrobatics, but also on other circus disciplines*

The meeting will take place in „St. Eulalie en Born du Lac“, app. 70km south west of Bordeaux. The site of the convention is located directly next to a big campsite, itself situated less than 100m from the large "Etang de Biscarrosse" lake and otherwise very isolated. There is a sandy beach at the lake, where it is possible to play volleyball. Acrobatic can be easily practiced in the water, as the banks are very shallow.

For more information on the campsite, look under:

We are expecting 130 circus-enthusiasts, adults, adolescents and children.Our quarters will be located directly next to the campsite. We will have a big field with a few oaktrees and lots of stag beetles. Many tents will not have a place in the shadow, because we wish to reserve that space for training and daytime activities. Still, the site is ideal for such a meeting, and one can say that it is even better than the one in Croatia last year. Kitchen equipment will be on hand from the children-circus Waldoni, who will establish camp right after us.

During summers, the weather there is great; if it does rain, it goes by quickly thanks to the nearness of the sea. In other words, there is nearly never bad weather! And if that was the case after all, we can take refuge under the eating-tent (10x5). However, there are no backup halls. Although temperatures during the day are usually around 25 to 35 Celsius, in can get very cold at night! In any case, take a warm sleeping bag with you.

There will be a hot meal every day in the evening, which will be prepared by our kitchen crew. For Breakfast and Lunch, buffets will be served.

We have invited professional artists to the festival, who will organise the daily workshops, at different levels. The main orientation of the workshops will again be partner acrobatics; but we will also plan workshops in other circus disciplines, such as juggling, trapeze, cloth, tightrope, as well as
pedagogical workshops.

An open stage is planned at the end of the week (probably on July 20th); in other words, everyone who wishes can present an act on stage, or show off some of the things learned during the week. The show will take place near the lake, where probably many spectators from the campsite will attend.

COST: Whole week: 290,- euros per adult, incl. food and camping in own tent.