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I am sorry to inform you that our trusted and beloved festival is not going to take place this year.

Because not enough people registered and of those only 20% actually payed.
I am a volunteer in this and the Venue wants me to pay a part of the costs ahead because they have other costumers waiting.
Those who registered and payed will get a full refund within a few days.
Like noted in the terms of service your travel insurance should cover all other costs.
Let me know if you need some kind of written confirmation.

Next year we will be back with a new plan, we are going for Slovenia.
We hope you will trust to play with us again.

Those of you who were still thinking of going to a good festival,
there is loads of alternatives:
Sicily or
Bosnia at the same time, and
Croatia in the beginning of july or
Hungary in july
and Hungary in august.

Or check out for the acrocalendar .
We are sad and sorry.
Hugo Hanssen
Nicolas Moran

We will soon post more on the 2018 convention(Ireland), stay tuned!

Welcome to Bellurgan Park, Dundalk Ireland:

Home of the International Acrobatics Convention from July 23 to 29 July 2018

and save the date!

We will be doing Island acrobatics in Ireland this year!
It will take place from from July 23 to 29 July in Dundalk, a beautifull little town on the coast, close to the border with Northern Ireland and in the middle between the cities of Belfast and Dublin,

Host and organiser: Nicola Moran.
Convention Location:
Bellurgan Park,
Dundalk, Co. Louth,

How much

The price for the week is 380€, (early bird price)


This is all you need to have a very good Acro-experience, for beginners to very advanced.
We'll make it worth your while!!

The venue we booked is well equipped with all we need!
We will offer three meals per day, two cold and and a cooked dinner.
Sleeping is included for camping and there are options for stretchers in a warmed shed and renting a cabin (2/3) persons.
We will be training outside on the grass, but since the Irish weather is unreliable we will also accomodate indoor space and a circustent.
and hopefully all together we can make it our dream acro week!


7 days with at least 40 hours of workshops by:

The Venue

A short step from the house, the cottage walk leads you towards ‘Tippings Wood’ and as you pass through the wonderfully crafted stone arch, a lake of 1.2 acres lies to your left. As the amazing 200 acres of deciduous woodlands unfolds all around you, the ground rises to the summit of Tippings Rock, where views of Ravensdale, The Cooley Peninsula and the sea give you ample reward for your short climb. Nestled throughout the 200 acres of woodlands there are a wide variety of outdoor activities to cater for everyones needs. At Bellurgan Park activities promoting a healthy outdoor experience are centred around a strong sense of community.

The Food

The food will be VEGAN, cooked at the site by {?} and vegetables will be freshly harvested from their own garden from just past the stone arch under the big tree.

Since this is an Acrobat for Acrobats festival we may ask you too to do some chores like cleaning or washing up.


By Air Dundalk (/dʌnˈdɔːk/, Irish: Dún Dealgan, meaning "Dalgan's fort")[6] is the county town of County Louth, Ireland. It is on the Castletown River, which flows into Dundalk Bay, and is near the border with Northern Ireland. It has associations with the mythical warrior hero Cú Chulainn.

It is situated about half-way between Dublin and Belfast.
// Both Dublin and Belfast have airports and are in use by several low-cost air-carriers like Ryanair, Easyjet, Aer Lingus flights, Eastern Airways flights, KLM, American Airlines, United Airlines, Emirates, And others like Qantas, Scandinavian, Swiss and Chech airlines.

By Boat From Dublin Airport the Bus Bus 100x takes about 40 minutes and costs about 10€
From Belfast the Bus takes about 45 minutes and costs about 20€
By Bus Ireland is an Island and therefore you need to take the boat if you come by road from abroad, you can go by Irish Ferry from England, Scotland, France and Wales.
By Car And if you're local and come by car, just use the address above for your GPS or the map below.


Toilets and Showers are basic but enough. Hot water is provided in large amounts heated by biomass.

Camping: Around Bellurgan there is a lot of space to camp with your tent which is included in the price.
Campers: If you come by camper you can park at the back of the main building and we can provide your with electricity and water.(bring cable and hose.)
Indoor Beds: There is One multi-bed room, about twenty beds, heated and dry which is an extra 10€ per night.
Cabin: Close to the main building there are 18 Cabins, with two or three beds and a shower which are about 35€ per person per night. If the demand of these is hight we may get a better price.

*If you are local or would rather stay in a hostel you'll have to provide for yourself, checkout AirBnB or alike.
*If you love luxury you can contact the Bellurgan directly and book one of the huge suites in the main building.


There's a bar and a stage where we can socialize and drink and We invite you to bring any musical instruments!


The program for the week is 3 main 2 hours workshops during the day next to the free floor and we'll try to put up a lunge.
Additional workshops may be givven next to that depending on the number of participants and the wishes of you all.
Wednesday will be our resting day, there'll be no workshops offered, but we will organize a free excursion day or have a day off to see the surroundings
In other years I remember being more active on my resting day than during the week, but that is all up to you.
Below an example of the daily schedule like it was used last year.

I'll be posting more details and fun trivials.
Untill then, have a good time and sleep well!