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Hungary 2014

Hello Acrobat!
We hosted the Internatianal Acrobatics Convention or IAC at Akacfa Utca 1, Mikofalva, Hungary.

Dates have been set friday 22 august 'till friday 29 august 2014
It's held in the garden of the house of Noel Spauwen who lives there.
He has enough room to have 40 people camping and training in his backyard
His experiences with the acro-building weeks led us to believe it is a good place to be doing acrobatics.
We'll put up two bigger tents for serving dinner and enjoying the evenings with a campfire, which alternatively can be used in case of rain. But with an avarage of 97% of sun in august we simple don't expect it to rain very much.
The area has a lot to offer to tourists, from the world renowned Lipizzaner horses to the B├╝kki National Park, a birch forest and castle-like monasteries and hotels.
Ideal for hiking, camping or just driving around, swim in the lakes or drink the local wines.
We are happy to tell that the food will be cooked by a real cook, lunch breakfast and vegetarian options.
Actual information can also be found on Facebook

We'll have three workshop rounds with levels adapted to the participants; beginner to advanced.
And of course there is a swimmingpool for cooling and relaxation.
On tuesday we'll have a day off to explore the environment.
To give you a rough idea of how the week is planned,
here is a preliminary workshopschedule:

Our very experienced Workshopleaders will be :

(amongst others)

With the main focus on Acro-balance ther'll also be room for:
Acrobatics , beginner to advanced
Yoga or Acro sessions
We are trying to put up a lunge for banquine and other high throws
More details to come.

The price has been set to €250,- for everyone above the age of 12.
Kids from 6 to 12 years €175,-
Kids from 0 to 5 years are free
(€250 = 78,313 Hungary Forint and €175= HUF 54,819)

Price Includes

* a weeks stay at Akacfa Utca 1, Mikofalva, Hungary
* breakfast, lunch and dinner
* camping, (bring your own gear)
* plus training facilities and
* acrobatic workshops (beginners to advanced)
* beautiful surroundings
For visitors or accompanists not taking part in the acrobatics event itself, prices will be the same.
We see ourselves as friends amongst friends who are glad to organise an event,(especially as we are not planning to make any money from the meeting). As most of the work during the meeting will consist of cutting vegetables, cleaning up, putting out mats, etc., we wish to spread these tasks evenly amongst the participants. In practice, this means that everyone is expected to help during the meeting. In our experience, work in the kitchen, as with other chores, was always a very fun and communicative experience, so many people will probably want to help with pleasure!

How to Get There:

First of all, mark yourself that Hungarian is totally different from western languages and
asking for directions might not give you the answers you are used to getting in other countries.
If you prepare your trip well, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

By Foot,Bicycle or Car

The address for your GPS is:
Akacfa utca 1 3344 Mikofalva Hongary which is a little to the north-east of hungary.
The new highwaysystem will take you to Eger in a comfortable and quick way, but it is a toll road.
There is an alternative road but I strongly recommend to just pay the toll and not use the B-road.
From Eger it's little under half an hour to Mikofalva by car.

By Bus
From Eger ther are busses driving to the village in under an hour. I haven't sought out everything yet, I will post it here soon.

By Train
Training is cheap in Hungary, there is a train going from Budapest to Eger and you can continue from there to the little town Belapatfalva. This part of the train journey is a kind of touristic scenery ride of half an hour.
In Belapatfalva you get off at a very small trainstation. From there it's a 3 kilometers walk to the venue.
You could call us from there and we might pick you up.

By Plane
There are two AIRPORTS of importance, both airports are at the same distance from the venue
so you can seek the cheaper flight. Ryanair and Whizz-air for example: Unfortunately the venue does not have a helipad.
Allthough there is a fairly good open terrain not far from the venue to land an ultralight or helicopter,
you may want to ask for permission from local authorities first.

By Boat
I think boating is not an option, although one may get to Budapest on the Donau, you would have to go by train from there.

We know it's gonna be fun and hope to so see you Soon!

Questions? feel free to email
Greetings, I hope to be meeting you there!