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The 2016 International Acrobatics Convention was held 23 to 30 Juli 2016 in:

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Roerdompstraat 6
6573 BH Beek-Ubbergen

How much

The price for the week is 375€, (early bird is over)
but you can attend parts of the week at 60€ a day. (Sat.=30€)


This is all you need to have a very good Acro-experience,
for beginners to very advanced.
We'll make it worth your while!!

We have a 24 hours gym. Lunges, enough mats.
You can sleep indoors on your own gear.
There'll be a sauna-tent and good food (mainly vegetarian).
A massage table for your use.


6 days with at least 60 hours of workshops by:  

The Venue

Nature walking trails and natural swimming pool within a 1500m walk.

It'll be a cozy convention. There's a top limit of 100 acrobats; above which there's no more room to sleep and the gym will become too crowded.
Everything we need is in the same building, a gym, a kitchen, dormatory and a relaxation area.
The food will be mainly vegetarian, but meat may be served.
Our cook is Lilian(Dutch) and Amir(Syrian) and some volunteers.

We will ask you too to do some chores like cleaning or washing up. But these tasks ar voluntary.


The venue is situated in a village 3km. from the center of the city of Nijmegen, just a bit up the river Waal.
Travelling to nijmegen is very easy by car, train, bus or any other means.
If you end up somewhere in the netherlands you can find your way in all public transport via this site:
Get off the bus at "Verbindingsweg Beek (gem. Berg en Dal)". You may want to ask the busdriver to warn you to get off. The venue is about 200 meters from this busstop; through the 'Baron van voorst tot voorstraat' to the 'Roerdompstraat' number 6.
The closest airport(30min. by car) is Weeze(Dusseldorf-II, germany), other options are Eindhoven or Amsterdam from which the train connections are very good.
If you seem to get stuck or end up somewhere in the middle of the night don't hesitate to contact me, Hugo tel: +31(0)644221089


We'll be sleeping in the mirrored dance-room beside the gym which can be darkened.
Bring you're own matrass, sleeping bag, pillow, teddy bear and other gear.
Of course there's warm showers and toilets available day and night.
You can park your campervan behind the building and use our facilities. At night 24:00-08:00 I may have to close the doors.

If you rather sleep in a pension or hotel; there's enough rooms available within 10km of our venue.
There's also a nice small farmers camping just 1,5km from the venue whre you can put up your tent or caravan if you like.
The price for Hotel or Camping is not included and I can't return money if you don't stay in the gym. Contact us if you need help finding a room.


The program for the week is 3 main 2 hours workshops during the day next to the free floor and lunges.
Additional workshops may be givven next to that depending on the number of participants and the wishes of you all.
Wednesday will be our resting day, there'll be no workshops offered, but we can do some relaxation, free training or go out; go swimming, hiking, cycling or anything. Plus I got a permit to use two waterballs and a kano at the waterhole nearby.
Experience has taught us that you will be sore and tired and without a resting day we end up hurting ourselves. Besides it will give you a chance to see some of the environment.
But the free floor is still available and we can discuss other options.
In other years I remember being more active on my resting day than during the week, but that is all up to you.


I am building a woodburning tent sauna which will be outside right next to the building. (hopefully - I am still struggling with the heater...)
There's a massage table available (bring your own towels).
There's also a bar where we can socialize and drink and I invite you to bring any musical instruments.

I'll be posting more details and fun trivials.

There are ongoing negotiations with a location in Croatia for the next year 2017, to celebrate our 10th aniversary!

If you are living in a nice part of the world and willing to host some 1 to 200 people for a week, or know someone who can, let us know here.