- A gathering of acrobats from all over the world
- to promote, practise and perform the fine art of acrobatics

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I.A.C. Ireland 2018 - Registration Form

I.A.C. Ireland 2018 - Registration Form

The International Acrobatics Convention

  • Welcome Acrobat

    The festival will begin Monday 23 July 2018 at 12:00h 'till 29 July.

    Sign up/Register by filling in the form below.
    You can register more than one person per form including children.

    Please note:
    * You have to be over 18 years of age to register.
    Younger ones can participate but need to be accompanied by an adult.
    * You have to pay in advance.
    Once you filled out the registration a new page will show up where you can pay by credit card, paypal, bank or wire transfer.
    * You have to travel to the festival by your own means

    Price Include:
    * A guaranteed 30 hours of acrobatic workshops (beginners to advanced)
    * Open training sessions
    * Accommodation in Hostels-beds
    * Training facilities
    * Breakfast and lunch on a central table, freshly cooked vegetarian meals.

    Prices in EUR
    payment before 15.5.2018 = 380 EUR
    payment 15.5.2018 or after = 430 EUR

    Children get a 50 EUR discount.

    Welcome and see you in June!!

    Questions? feel free to email

  • Please fill out the form below

    Last year we had 100 guests, among which: Fons, Laura, Noël, Iva, Hugo, Millette, Simon, Ursula, Janko, Andre, Nir, Zoe, Nicola, Timothy, Jon, Martin, Crocco, Agnieszka, Maiju, Topi, Jonathan, Marjolein, Niklas, Reetta, Risto, Debby, Dieter, Sam, Adrian, Jakob, Clare, Aapo, Anna-Mari, Brian, Emily, Tim, Max, Elisa, Billy, Philine, Malte, Sonja, Aurora, Peter, Leonie, Dieter, Ruiqi, Benjamin, Alexander, Anne, Amélie, Sarah, Uwe, Julia, Monika, Zahra, Jan, Kathy, Michael, Marianne, Karel, Jolanda, hayley, Peter, Lisa, Thomas, Claudia, Lisa, Sigrun, Lance, Chris, Petro, Serena, Joseph,Dorota, Hanny, Maries, Joanne, Reetta, Johanna, Christoph, Alina, Oliver, Florian, Alexander, Natasha, Jannik, Rasmus, Matthew, Lorrie, Peter, Aggi, Mikko, Sytske, ...

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  • "Absolute Beginner"
    (no Partner-Acro or Acro-Yoga experience at all),
    (A-level=has followed some workshops of Partner-Acro or Acro-Yoga),
    "Slightly Experienced"
    (B-level=at least 1 or 2 year weekly lessons),
    (C-level= 3 years Partner-Acro)
    "Very Experienced"
    ( D-level= at least 5 years Partner-Acro )
    (E level and up= more years and substantial performance experience on a good level.)

  • Skip the next question if you join us the whole week.

    If you only join for a few days let us know which days you are present.
    Standard beginning and ending times are midday 12:00h.
    Seperate days costs: €70,-
    Use the commentfield below if you feel the need to add extra info.

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